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My name is C.C. 

In my experience, moving doesn’t have to be so stressful. Through six permanent change of station (PCS) moves in the last decade – from sizable homes to small apartments and from large cities to remote and isolated installations, I came to realize that each move and new home was very different. 

My goal when developing the Stressless PCS Kit was simple: to create an all-in-one labeling system that ensures an organized move each and every time. I wanted better efficiency, organization, cost savings, and further accountability of our Household Goods (HHG).

Whether it’s your first move, last move, you’re downsizing, or moving to a foreign city, this kit will alleviate some of the stress as you pack out and move into your new home.

From one frequent mover to another, I wish you the best of luck!

C.C. Gallagher 

Founder of the Stressless PCS Kit 

When you invest in this kit, you'll receive:



Will give you the structure and agility to take control of organizing your HHGs prior to your move and receiving your shipment with a plan in place. It does not matter if your HHGs will go to short or long term storage. 



Color-coded labels, icons, and your personal notes paired with door hangers and a room chart will be used as a universal key.  Working together, these items will assist all parties involved with the relocation of your HHGs. This can transcend language barriers and illegible writing on the outside of your moving boxes, creating clarity of what is actually in each box.  



 Allows you to handwrite notes on customized labels, different from that of the movers. In the case that any items in your shipment get mixed in, lost or delivered to the wrong address, any party can contact you directly to return your belongings safe and sound.


Cost Savings:

 Saves you money! 

This kit will prevent the purchasing of multiple boxes of labels, numerous rolls of colored tape, packs of multi-colored markers or additional ink to print labels yourself. 



With our customized labels and color-coded Room Chart, You are able to number each box, quantifying how many you have per room or space.

*If you have professional movers, this will not take the place of their responsibility to track  each box within the shipment, but will give you peace of mind knowing how many boxes are moving with you.



Saves time by limiting the guesswork of where your items will go. Using this system may also decrease damage costs as your items will not have to move multiple times.